How I went from inflamed & overstressed “yes girl” to beating Behçet’s Disease and taking control of my life and health.


Before there was a Behçet’s Disease podcast. Before the Beat Behçet's Online Program. Before the music career and 150,000+ Spotify streams  & loyal subscribers…there was a very sick “yes” girl.

Eager to do well.

Desperate to please.

And suffering silently from an autoimmune disease called Behçet’s Syndrome in spite of how many doctors I saw or new medications I was prescribed (Prednisone, Colchicine, Azathioprine & Hydroxychloroquine, to name a few).





Music, Medication & Many Stumbles Along The Way…

I didn’t have a smooth ride into wellness.

While an accomplished childhood saw me performing in front of the Queen (not Beyonce, the other Queen) and flexing my music muscles singing at Presidential Inaugurations in my home country of Guyana...

The transition into “well-adjusted adulthood” was anything but “well-adjusted.”

When I did “grow up,” I was plagued by chronic inflammation, Behçet's Disease flare-ups, and a battering sense of “not good enough” that made everything feel 1,000,000 times harder than it should have.

And when I finally got diagnosed with Behçet’s Disease and started to get somewhere with treatment…

… I quickly realized:

“I’m trying to stop this disease the wrong freakin’ way!”

The first few years were rough.


I didn’t hit eject from music school and land softly in the real world.

Every small “win” in my fledgling career was marred by an even bigger hit, from an emotional break up, the 2008 recession and a shooting pain inside my joints that taunted me with a crippling sense of “not enough-ness.’

Long hours spent waiting in doctor’s offices without the improvements in health to justify it.

Painful “heart-to-hearts” with friends and family, desperately trying to explain what was happening to me.

Missed events due to chronic fatigue eventually leading to a social life that was depressingly thin.

Botched projects.

Half-finished songs.

And a list of doctors growing so quickly, I literally needed a spreadsheet to inventory every name, appointment date, symptom and prescription medication I was on.

And when I finally did get diagnosed

I realized that it was the wrong move!

Because I was killing myself from the side effects of medication that I was told was "the only treatment for Behçet's Disease", which, on paper, was sanctioned and recommended by my doctors …

But in reality, these anti-inflammatory & immunosuppressant drugs were making me more ill than Behçet's alone and destroying my gut! In the most painful ways!

I knew there had to be a better way than taking immunosuppressant drugs and steroids to quell my immune system which was desperately trying to send signals that something was wrong.

Don’t you think we should look into the source of this illness, instead of trying to quiet the symptoms with drugs?

Instead I heard, "No, just fill this prescription and make an appointment for 6 months from now."

So I took matters into my own hands.

I discovered that Behçet’s Disease was hugely misunderstood by my doctors and that I had another option all along.


Behçet's Disease & Health Restoration were in fact two sides of the same coin. When I started seeing and feeling results, I doubled down and learned how to do it consistently. I learned:

  • How to rapidly ease my fatigue and arthritis until both stopped entirely
  • How to consistently stop and prevent painful ulcers and skin legions
  • How to build a life that didn’t leave me feeling burned out and on-edge everyday and instead, that promoted my health & longevity.

And after all that was dialed in…

My mess became my message.


This is used to be me ➡️

Because I reclaimed my health, I had a responsibility to share what I learned.

And best of all…

I’ve had the honor of helping other Behçet’s and auto-immune disease sufferers, like you, side-step years of struggle and re-build their health to shocking new levels.


Lego-style- Action by action.


Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for creating things “action-by-action”.

Not just “step by step”…

By actually getting into the nitty-gritty details that help you to connect the puzzle, get results and give you the confidence to build amazing health in your life without the med-school babble and crippling overwhelm.

I’ve shown others not only how to “DIY” their healing but how to DO IT BETTER than a doctor who charges you your entire month's salary just to get in front of him / her for a few mins to come away with a half a dozen prescription slips.

The program works for others, because I teach what worked for me.

I teach what I’ve personally done to build a thriving, time-tested, Behçet’s Disease-free life that doesn’t rely on prescription medication or doctors to be pain-free and healthy.

If you like what you’re reading and want to get started with my FREE resources right away, check out LEARN»

Are you ready to take the REAL, momentum-building action steps to end your flare-ups and reclaim your life?

 I hope I never have to drop that old phrase “you have to be willing to do the work...”

Because I know you’re ready to conquer Behçet's Disease.

That’s why you’re here.

 That’s why you’ve put in REAL hours and real dollars trying to stop Behçet’s Disease from wreaking more havoc on your health and life.

 By reading this far down the page, you’ve proven that you’re willing to DO the work.

Tip: You just want to make sure you’re taking the RIGHT steps at the RIGHT time 😉 

Then feel confident that every bit of effort you put in will pay off 100x.

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A Little About Me 

I lost my 20's to Behçet's Disease and started healing at age 30 💪

I'm a Guyanese Girl 🇬🇾 Originally from a country called Guyana (South America), where I sang professionally as a child

I'm a New York based Singer/Songwriter

I LOVE cartoons!

I can be found shower-singing to Journey's "Don't Stop Believin' " on repeat



Every Journey Begins With A Single Step...