Hi, I'm Maritza.

I was diagnosed with Behçet's Disease in 2012. Fast forward and today, I've had zero flare ups in 5 years. I created Beat Behçet's to teach those suffering silently from Behçet's Disease how to stop their flare ups, heal their symptoms and take control of their lives and health.


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Teaching Behçet's Disease Sufferers...

The proven system for stopping flare-ups and repairing the damage caused by Behçet's Disease. Maritza inspires a self-affirming sense of, "Wow! I really can do this!" in Behçet's Disease sufferers all around the world. 


"GET THIS PROGRAM…YESTERDAY! I’ve been fighting Behcet’s for 20 years. I wish I had access to this information back then! Thank you, Maritza!"

Jessica C.

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